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Sunday, January 21 2018 @ 05:07 PM EST




Entry for the 2009 Trinity Home Robot Firefighting Competition, designed around an Arduino and a circular base to be small and able to navigate hallways with ease.



  • Arduino: Control unit for Martlet, programmed in C.
  • UVTron: Detects candle somewhere nearby, added capacitor to give it constant high functionality.
  • Thermopile: Locates when the candle is directly ahead, mounted vertically.  Uses I2C.
  • SRF08 Range Finder: Measures distance to walls in front and to the sides, uses I2C.
  • IR Line Detector: Presently unused, but connector is still present to potentially use to detect lines marking doorways.
  • Motors: Driven through an inverter and H-bridge, with encoders to drive straight-ish and turn consistently-ish
  • Fan: Puts out candle and causes small windstorms


Pinouts - Due to the Arduino no longer being hooked up, these are no longer accurate!

  • 9, 10: Left/Right motor enable, pulsed to vary speed of each motor or held low to stop
  • 7, 4: Left/Right motor direction, high/low changes forward/reverse
  • 3, 2: Left/Right motor encoder outputs, drives interrupt functions on Arduino
  • 8: Fan - High to activate
  • 12: UVTron output, high indicates presence of flame
  • 11: Line detector output
  • 13: Activate switch
  • 4 (Analog side): SDA (Data) for I2C
  • 5 (Analog side): SCL (Clock) for I2C

I2C Addresses - The Sonars are now hot-swappable on Martlet due to sharing with BArd, so these should be checked every time!

  • 0xE2: Front sonar
  • 0xE0: Left sonar
  • 0xE6: Right sonar
  • 0xD0: Thermopile



All located in mdrc/personal/BrianR of the SVN presently:

  • Fire: Latest competition code
  • FFDiag: Diagnostic tool, tests all hardware functionality by outputting sensor data and running fan while switch is held
  • encoder/Sonar/thermopile/UVTron: Code solely for the respective sensor implementation for independent testing

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