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Multi-Disciplinary Robotics Club
We Build Robots!

Welcome to MDRC
Sunday, January 21 2018 @ 05:04 PM EST

Contact Us

Need to get a hold of us? Need help finding your way to the lab? (Seriously, it's tricky the first time.)

If you need to get a hold of an executive board member, send an email to


Our lab is on the senior design floor in Gleason Hall of Engineering (Building 9). The floor hours are 8AM until 4PM. After hours you will need to have floor swipe access to get to the lab. You can try knocking, we may or may not hear you.

You can get to the 4th floor of Gleason hall several ways:

  • From the entrance near Aero Design and the machine shop
    • Take either the elevator or stairs right at the building entrance up to the 4th floor. Walk past the big project room and we're on the right in the hallfway of glass walled meeting rooms.
    • This entrance is only good during the day or if you have swipe access.
  • From the right set of doors on the Infinity Quad (Where the pizza sales are held)
    • Take the stairs up to the 3rd floor. Outside of the doors go right and to the end of the hall. There will be a sign labelled "Computer Engineering". Take the hallway it points to (on the right). On the left there will be a door with another flight of stairs. Once on the 4th floor, we are the 2nd glass walled room on the left.
    • We MIGHT be able to hear you knock on this door if you don't have after-hours swipe access.

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