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Category: Source Linux-OMAP Submitted by: Derrick Bommarito
  User-space Mux Tool    Popular
This small, horribly documented, utility makes it extremely easy to control pad mux configuration on an OMAP processor. This has been tested with an OMAP 3530 on an Beagleboard.

This utility uses half-word addresses to specify a pad register, unlike the OMAP 3530 TRM. In the TRM 2 pads share a single address with a note of whether it resides in the upper or lower 16 bits of the register. To use this utility, simply add 2 to the address provided for pads that reside in the upper 16 bits:

IE to control the mux for GPIO_143 / McBSP3_FSX, which is listed in the TRM as 0x48002170[16:31] you would just use address 0x48002172

There is currently no error checking or safeguards in this code, so use it at your own risk.
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