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Tuesday, December 12 2017 @ 10:16 PM EST

Spring Dash!


Good evening and Welcome back everyone!


I hope every had a wonderful break and they are recharged and ready to get back to it. This quarter we have a ton of things planned and I'm very excited about it all. SOMA, sumo, and Trinity robot construction will all be happening in these next few weeks and if you're interested we could definitely use the help! We have Trinity which will be happening in April, Imagine RIT in May and IGVC in June and this quarter will be dedicated to getting those robots finished and ready to rumble by the time competition rolls around. Our weekend meetings are scheduled for the same time as last quarter, 2pm in the lab. We're working on setting up meetings during the week, fill in your available information in the following excel sheet.

(Provided in our members list mailing, removed for security reasons)

Pizza sale training! We have new trainers this quarter and it's IMPERATIVE that you get trained so we can actually host pizza sales this quarter. This is where we make our money and we need your help. I will be finding our when that's happening and I will inform everyone.

Finally, swipe access. If you're intested in signing up please put your information down in the following google docs sheet and I will work on getting access for you.
(Provided in our members list mailing, removed for security reasons)
I can't wait for this quarter to get underway and hope to see you all participating! As always any questions or concerns please feel free to e-mail me as needed.
-Jared Raby


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