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Welcome to MDRC
Sunday, January 21 2018 @ 05:24 PM EST

Winter Quarter Underway!

    I hope all had a wonderful break and were able to overstuff themselves
and were able to see family. I would also like to extend my congratulations
to those who just finished their first quarter and beginning their second!

    Getting down to buisness, we're ready to get into these robots and
start projects! This quarter we are digging into a lot of competition
projects including IGVC, Trinity, Imagine RIT, and promotional projects.
Using the interest that people have given us, we have come up with the
teams and leaders for each group of projects. More after the break.


Feel free to e-mail the following about each project for more information:

Team Lead
Jared Raby:

Team Members
Andrew K
Joe K

Trinity - Various Robots
Team Lead
Sean Greenslade:

Team Members
Sam DeMello
Ben Casto
Aj Speed
Matt Davis
Shaun Henry

Imagine RIT - Sumo
Team Lead
Jascha Wilcox:

Team Members
Mark Pitonyak
Michael Flam

    If you signed up for a personal project then you are the team lead and
members are anyone who you would like to have join / be interested in
helping. If you did not sign up, but are interested in joining a team,
e-mail the team leader and we'll get you signed up. We're trying a new
method for the meeting times during the week, where there will be multiple
meetings a week with a focus on one project. You are by no means required
to go to more than one during the week, but it's always fun to have more
people. The meetings for projects are as follows:

IGVC : Tuesdays, 6pm - 7pm @ Robotics Lab; 09-4418

Trinity: Wednesdays, 6pm - 7pm @ Robotics Lab; 09-4418

    Project days where lab work and most of the projects work will be done
will be held on Saturdays, 2pm in the Robotics Lab, 09-4418, taking the
place of the workshops.

   There will be no meetings on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. Saturday
at 2pm will be the first meeting of the quarter where we will discuss the
projects teams, member roles and layout the plans for this quarter. Please
try to be there this Saturday! The weekday meetings will begin next week,
the week of December 3rd.

    We have sent out the list for everyone that signed up for swipe access
so you should have access by the end of the week. If anyone else is
interested in signing up, please shoot an email to Jared Raby ( ) and we'll get you worked in.

    This quarter is all about diving in and working on projects. Even if
you feel you're not qualified that's the point. You're supposed to be out
of your comfort zone working on new things. We hope to see you Saturday!

-Jared Raby


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