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Sunday, January 21 2018 @ 05:22 PM EST

Clarifications and Details

We've been getting a lot of questions lately and our organization has been less than perfect, so I thought it would be good to clarify some things.

The "Members" mailing list is our general announcement list. Everyone who put their email into the spreadsheet at the club fair has been subscribed to it. I had to correct some mis-typed addresses, and if you aren't getting any emails, let me know ( There's at least one address that's confirmed to be bouncing, and there's probably more that I haven't caught. If you aren't subscribed and want to be, visit this page: If you are subscribed and no longer wish to be, click the unsubscribe link on the bottom of any list email.

Our Wednesday meetings are mostly administrative. They've been more useful in the past, but considering the large number of new members and the scheduling conflicts of our E-Board members, we may end up dropping those meetings. Saturday workshops are still on, and as always the lab is open to anyone with swipe access or anytime it's occupied. If you're looking to get swipe access, definitely spend some time in the lab. The webcam will show you if there's anyone in the lab, so you can check before you make the trek up. We generally grant swipe access to those members that have shown that they are willing to put effort into the club by showing up to the lab. Broadly speaking, if we know your face by the end of the quarter, you can get swipe.

For those who have been wondering, yes, we'll be doing more advanced workshops in the winter and spring quarters. The fall quarter workshop schedule was tailored for all the new members, many of whom may not have the necessary skills or knowledge to be a successful contributer to the club. The intent of the fall quarter workshops is basically a crash course in basic robotics skills. If you feel that you already know what a particular workshop is teaching, feel free to skip it. As we said before, workshops are not graded and attendance is not mandatory. If you're ready to dive right into robotics, talk to any of our returning members. There are lots of projects that could use your help.

This Saturday's workshop is dual-purpose. We'll be doing an intro to the lab equipment and a small breadboarding exercise for the actual workshop, then we'll be granting server and wiki access to those that want it. This is important as the club makes extensive use of the wiki for coordination of projects and information.

There seemed to be some confusion over pizza sales. As a club, we receive a small budget from Student Government. The remaining volume of our funds must be made via fundraising. Our primary fundraiser is the KGCoE Pizza Sale. Almost all clubs in the KGCoE participate in this fundraiser on a rotating basis, with a different club doing a sale every day.
We request that every club member get pizza sale trained (a requirement imposed on us by the Monroe County Health Board) so they can be available for working pizza sales. If enough people sign up, everyone will only have to work a maximum of one hour. Members get free pizza for working at least 1 hour at a sale. We feel that the pizza sales are a good alternative to required club dues. I can assume that most of you haven't gotten trained, so I'll be setting up a training session sometime soon.

I hope this clears up any confusion. If you have questions, email us at


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