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Sunday, January 21 2018 @ 05:23 PM EST

New year, new workshops!

Greetings, robot enthusiasts! Since Derrick graduated, I'll be handling the news posts from now on.

With many of our senior members graduating, we are in need of new members. To facilitate this, we're starting the year off with a bunch of new introductory workshops to teach the basic skills needed to make robots.

Our kick-off meeting will be Saturday, September 8th at 2:00 PM in Erdle Commons. The kick-off will go straight into the week 1 workshop after general club introductions and a small info session. The saturday workshop schedule will go as follows:

Week 1: Blinky - Introduction to Soldering
Week 2: Instrumentation - Learn the Lab
Week 3: Introduction to Robot Programming with C
Week 5: Introduction to Microcontrollers
Week 7: BristleBots - Make a Simple Robot
Week 9: Open Lab / Personal Projects

The off weeks will be fun weeks. The lab will be available like always for personal project and open work time, but we'll also be doing things like movie night, game night, bike rides, miniature golf and more.

If you signed up for our mailing list at the club fair, you'll be receiving a meeting time poll sometime during week 1. If you didn't sign up for the mailing list but want to, send an email to

I hope to see lots of new members at the kick-off meeting!

Edit: Weekday meeting poll is up:  Polls are closed and Wednesday is the winner. Weekly meetings will be held Wednesday at 6 PM in the MDRC Lab, 4th floor of the engineering building. Use the stairwell by the rear entrance to the engineering building, near the Brinkman lab (glass-windowed hallway). There will be a note on the door with a phone number to call if you don't have swipe access.

--Sean Greenslade


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